My dream has always been to make something of myself worth looking up to. I have had many role models in my life who have given me such encouragement and I want to be worthy of their support. Someday I hope to be the inspiration for others that my friends, family, and mentors have been for me. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I can recall doodling in class and wanting something more, something bigger; "maybe my name will be front and center and everyone will admire my designs..." It all started with "maybe".

          In 2008, I decided to take my dreams of being a designer more seriously. Never afraid, I walked into a local fabric store and simply asked if anyone could help teach me how to sew; to my surprise, I was immediately directed to the lovely Roxanne Nicholson. It just goes to show that no one should ever fear asking questions and being curious because all it took was one question for my whole life to change. Roxanne took me under her wing and taught me everything she knew from sewing and different stitches to embroidery and being confident in my work. Without her help and friendship, I don't know how I would have come as far as I have; she is definitely one of my greatest inspirations. For the rest of my life, I will always hear her voice in my head telling me to "get to work". Learning with Roxanne, she also helped me to find my own voice and what I wanted to convey in my designs. I primarily design women's clothing and, for me, the goal for the women wearing my gowns is to feel what they've always wanted to feel like. In my gowns, women can feel like and be the woman she wants to be rather than the woman she has to be. I want to show all aspects of everyday life with old Hollywood glamour. The days of the 1950s and '60s woman on a red carpet is what I aim to make every woman feel like; like a star, like someone special, like the one who matters most. Of course, the glam of today's red carpet is also still as stunning. I love the idea of showing how a woman can be soft and sensual while still being strong and fearless. There's something about finding the sexy vixen in an sweet dress; I think this idea stems from my Latin culture, among other things.

          I am of Mexican American descent and everything in my culture has in some way, shape, or form touched my clothing line. I remember as a young child watching my mother get ready and she always made sure that her make up and hair and, of course, her dress was just perfect. My mom had a way about her after she was done and looked in the mirror. It's like she knew that nothing could stop her. I want to make other women feel like my mother did and still does: just perfect.

          I find that all women always carry themselves in such a confident way whether they are out at a formal event or on their way to the post office.  You can tell a lot about a woman from not only what she is wearing, but how she portrays herself in what she is wearing. I think inspiration is all around us. I know I have mentioned how my mentor, my culture, and my mother have inspired me, but inspiration is never ending. I believe my constant pursuit of inspiration is why my deigns are so innovative. I love classic lines and draping and the natural silhouette of a woman's body to be showcased, however, I also love going outside of the box and pushing the boundaries of what a dress is supposed to be into a dress that amazes, thus, creating its own story, or dare I say, fairytale.

          I love films and music and photography; the emotion that they can convey is powerful. The fact that a movie or song or photograph can be funny, yet sad at the same time is such a wonderfully beautiful thing. Who really has that power? We can all take what we feel and turn it into something new or even highlight something new in something old. I love how I can choose to make a dress that can encompass all that I feel and how that same dress can make someone else feel the same or something completely different. It's amazing. I make my dresses with a sense of wonder and romance in mind. The music I hear brings hope to my heart; it comforts me and takes me to another place. My dresses are all very different, but they also all seem to be very light and whimsical. I want each dress to fit as though they were made for each individual woman and to empower them into being what they want. Movies and music have a way of making people dream and wish, sometimes, without even realizing it. I make sure to take extra care when designing my clothes and especially when they are being photographed because I want to have the way I feel radiate through to the person looking.

          I want people to want my dresses, etc and not for the sole reason of my dress being wanted and sought after, but because I want her to feel as great about herself as she feels inside. Every woman is beautiful and if I can help her with finding that for herself, I will have, not only, done my job but also done what I have set out to do.

          There are many pages in my story, some that have yet to be written, but my journey continues. From my very first fashion show in High School to hiring models for national fashion gala's, I have always stayed humble and still continue to perfect my craft. Though others have said that I have what it takes to "make it big", I respect what I do and the fashion industry enough to continue to pursue my education and attain my Fashion Degree. It's an exciting time for me. I've done so much and to know that it is only the beginning fills me with a joy beyond compare. I'm eager to make my family, friends, and mentors proud and show them that their support has never gone unnoticed and has always been the fuel to my life's dream.

          My career has not always been perfect, but life isn't perfect and that's why it's beautiful. There will always be critics and people wanting to keep you down, but if there is one thing you will take from reading this, I hope it is that you should never let anything stop you and not to wish for "perfect", for without darkness, there could never be light.

Thank you and always with love,