Designer work room #1


Hello! I'm currently working on my new collection called the birth of Venus. The name of the collection came from a song called Venus by Lady GaGa. What I got from the song was this strong sensual woman. A woman who is not afraid to show her curves.  What makes a women sparkle more than with jewels. Every women is beautiful and is my job to make them feel this way. 

I've been doing lots of research.  The ocean, Mermaids, fantasy, and Aphrodite are a few things I'm inspired by. I don't want to make it literal but still see where I'm coming from. I've been Working day and night getting all the looks drawn out.  I always edit my drawing and think how I can make it better. What makes this look different from what's already out there. I'm focusing on the shape and body of a woman. The fabrics will be a play between color and neutrals. They'll be lots of rtw looks consisting of swimwear to eveningwear. I'll be doing a few couture looks. Gorgeous ball gowns with a beautiful silhouette.  

In the next couple of months I'll be posting the creative process of how I put it all together.  I gave myself a date of January 1 2017 to be finished. Hopefully I can get into the show in febuary and debut this collection. Either way I'm excited to present it.  Here we go #BirthOfVenusCollection by Andres Pinedo 2017. 

Whats to come 2017

Hello! So today marks day 1 of my website running. This is just a starting page of what have I been doing all this time.  Im still not completed. I have some surprises I'll be showing in the next few months.  I plan on opening my shop early next year. its going to consist of accessories and looks by me. Some will be one of a kind and others will be made to order. Im going to not only showcase my work but other local designers. they'll be these beautiful bowties from DULIGRAM. Some made with leather and others with beadwork. look out for when they arrive. Come join me in my journey and subscribe to my website!

thank you- Andy